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Rise of the BlogBots

We got spammed with a couple of “buy viagra” comments on our blog the other day (see below). I wonder how common this is? Those viagra sellers will do anything to promote their product. Can you imagine when the AI in BlogBots gets a bit better? We’ll have BlogBots scanning the pages of MySpace, Livejournals, and Blogger to invent realistic lives of their own. There’s just so much human emotion, ritual and routine out there to pull from. I guess the tricky part is for the BlogBots to figure out how solicit their product without being obvious.

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These are the comments I recieved:

1. Name: buy viagra | E-mail: seozmm@mailzmanzco.com | URI: http://www.viagra-place.com/ | IP:

“Thats one of your better posts”

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2. Name: generic cialis | E-mail: gencia@alrcoc.com | URI: http://www.generic-compare.com/generic-viagra.htm | IP:

“Heh you took the words right out of my mouth…”

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BlogBot by Alex Dragulescu

Append: I just googled BlogBot and found this artistic take on the phenomenon of artificial blogs…

BlogBot by Alex Dragulescu “is a software agent in development that generates experimental graphic novels based on text harvested from web blogs.”

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