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Ping-Pong, A Virtual Spin

Rockstar Games table Tennis Screen Shot

Just yesterday a friend of mine unhide his ping-pong table so we could play a couple of games. How he hid it in the first place is a mystery. With the weather being so unpredictable it was a good call to play indoors. He won most games, but I’ve got to admit I hardly broke a sweat. Later that day I came across an email from Dimmak Records promoting Rockstar Games’ Table Tennis tournament here in New York City. I had heard about these huge basement table tennis parlors in Chinatown and figured they went that route and then I remembered… Rockstar Games usually don’t involve any physical effort besides thumb twiddling a-la-shadow-thumbs.

Apparently Rockstar Games have been hosting these semi-private PR tournaments since the start of this month leading upto the day of the release, May 23rd.

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