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Renewed Power, Cat Power

Cat Power, Chan Marshall, sobers up.
Taking with Cat Power“, Produced by Erik Olsen; photography and interview by Winter Miller.

Brighter days ahead for Chan Marshal of Cat Power! She is now clean and sober, and can deliver a whole concert without breaking-down and getting emotional on th audience. I know, many of you are gonna miss that side of her. Maybe some of you might have felt a oneness with that type of moddy alcoholism for the certain level of Bukowskian cool it might have given off. Well, alls I can say is that it’s for the better, who would ever really want to lose a gifted musician to the bottle? So much talent.

Chan Marshall came clean on the New York Times interview that you can watch, until it’s archived (then you’ll have to pay). Let me see if i bookmarked it.. Here it is…

Another day, another fifth of Scotch. And that wasn’t all. Chan Marshall said her mornings began with a minibar’s worth of Jack Daniel’s, Glenlivet and Crown Royal. Mini bottles depleted, this indie singer-songwriter, known as Cat Power, would nurse a bottle of Scotch over the course of the day…
9 Lives and Counting, Cat Power Sobers Up” by Winter Miller. New York Times, September 20, 2006

There is also a video interview after the show conducted at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo: “Taking with Cat Power“, Produced by Erik Olsen; photography and interview by Winter Miller.

More recently NPR’s Live Concert Series has upload a recent concert she did with Memphis Rhythm Band at D.C.’s 9:30 Club in Washington, further proof that she has been reborn. There is also a short little audio interview with Chan Marshall and Mabon Teenie Hodges conducted by All Songs Considered‘s Bob Boilen. At the end of the interview Cat Power seems very energy and conversation as she tries to keep the interview going with Bob Boilen. Bob responds by saying something like… I’d love to keep talking but if I don’t go out their we’ll miss recording our postcast. She’s definitely in good moods, heaven knows we all just want her to be a good woman, as her song goes. Now I wonder if in that song she was singing to Johnny Walker?

NRP’s Live Concert Series with Cat Power and Memphis Rhythm Band, Nov 20, 2006

Doug Aitken's Sleep at MoMa
From Tape to Celluloid…

The New York Times article also talks about Chan Marshall’s curiosity with acting. Stating that the famous Cantonese indie filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai (ChungKing Express, In The Mood For Love) has asked her to be in the current film he is re-shooting called My Blueberry Nights. Fans who can’t wait till she decides whether or not she’ll take the part, or whenever Wong Kar-Wai will actually finish the film, can make a pilgrimage to New York’s Museum of Modern Art from January 16 through February 12, 2007, as video artist Doug Aitken projects his new piece Sleep on to the walls of the new-ish MoMa. This work will be the first to use the majority of the outer walls of the MoMa post-renovation. And yes, there will be clips of Cat Power, a.k.a Chan Marshall in the mix. Other actors include Tilda Swinton, Seu Jorge, Ryan Donowho, and Donald Sutherland. More information about this project can be found in Creative Time’s website.

  1. yaneth says: August 30, 20099:02 pm

    hola chan solo queria decirte queme encanta la esencia que produces en tus fotos

  2. anais says: April 9, 201110:54 am

    she’s definitely the best, the greatest i’v ever seen on earth! honestly

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