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Hooked on BBC’s Forum

Browsing internet radios, we have been hooked on BBC’s The Forum. It’s a weekly 45min talk show hosted by Bridget Kendall that discusses various topics with guest of diverging minds: scientist, artist, writers, anthropologist, philosophers,  etc. and scholars thereof. It’s nice to get a big picture on various topics relate, both historically and contemporaneously, a clear indication they are all tugging on different threads of one cloth. The only issue I have with the show is that it isn’t archived, so you have to catch it weekly otherwise it’ll be gone next week. I discovered that after wishing to replay a show from 3 weeks ago which talked about time being “like a river”/time travel being possible in the future, and how, even going back as far as the Greek’s, we’ve been on the hunt for the theory of everything.

The Forum, BBC Illustration May 4, 2008

*Also at the end of the show they invite one of the guest to suggest in 60 seconds and idea to change the world. This weeks idea is one that relates to the of “power through individual consumption and choice”, a power that can start with vegetarianism. (May 4, 2008)