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Issues still Black & White for New York Times

Jackson Pollock\'s \"Number 14: Gray\"(1948). Museum of Modern Art
Jackson Pollock’s “Number 14: Gray”(1948). Museum of Modern Art, NYC

I’m amazed that for the New York Times, Obama’s Democratic Party Nomination is still a “black” and “white” issue. Before I even go there I would like to point out that neither of the two main stories really focus on what Obama’s camp is experiencing, he is after all the victor. The two main stories “Clinton Ready to End Bid and Endorse Obama” and “Many Blacks Find Joy in Unexpected Breakthrough” only talk around his victory, this doesn’t surprise me since the New York Times has endorsed Hilary Clinton. In the Clinton focused story they did however put a small odd and unglamorous photo of Obama -read between the lines- in the backseat of a car.

But what really bothers me is the second article, one that paints a single-sided picture of the Obama supporters, in an weak attempt to draw distinction between the supporters, who can all empathize if not truly sympathize with what his victory mean for someone not of the typical mold. Can you imagine if Hilary would have won, would the New York Times have written “Many Whites are Glad…”?! Seriously, this kind of reportage really dates the Times, it sets them a couple decades back at least. This “black & white” story comes across as subterfuge when we should be looking a lot deeper into what this presidential race is about: a change that is at the core of many people’s hopes, not just for those who look the same, but for all who feel the same.

Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling it for way too long now.