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Chinese Couplings for the Anarchist Bookfair 2012

RPG Attack on Kirkuk Police, reproduced in ABF Exhibit


“I meet some friends at the exhibit just as the fair is winding down. The collection was memorable, but not labeled; [...] We sit at a low table covered with photographs from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; they include themes from “chillin drunk at the base” to “burnt haji corpse on a slab, thumbs up!” photos. [x] tells us that this piece is called “At Ease” and it’s by Lucas Michael, using photos from a now-defunct military website where the enlisted posted all kinds of images from their travails. A small stack of CDs in sleeves offers the audience a thirdhand souvenir, and invites them to distribute the images. It’s a sobering coda to the bookfair, and we take discs to do our bit.- brechett Art of Olive Green

We open this email by reflecting on viKult’s Discrete Power exhibition at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair 2011, just 5 months before the occupation on Wall Street -which kept us occupied for several months more, all the while thinking about power in various public form. Since then new memes about power have begun to resurface… dual power, counter institutions, etc. From discrete to parallel, how many more ways can we configure power?

udson Church with Chinese Couplings

This year we re-emerged to present 2 Chinese couplings, and 3 english pictograms (1 antinomy + 2 variations of an often confusing communist campaign referring to one-hundred schools of thought)… With these coupling and phrases, we invite everyone to try to imagine these the other side of everything, how ever complimentary, contradictory, or arbitrary it maybe…

Evict society from it's place, Settle wild in thier everywhere.

Finally, the summer brings a call to take the square in Berlin, so off we go again to see what this all means…. Was braucht die Kunst in Berlin? …The Berlin Biennale 7… a petting zoo for political art animals? Documenta 13/…Commoning in Kassel? …We’ll be reporting from there in June, keep in touch.


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