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Perks of Organizing with Gardens

Kale & Columbia Rambler at El Sol Brillante Garden

Taking home kale on Columbia Rambler from El Sol Brillante Gardend

Some of the perks when organizing with community gardens is that sometimes you get free veggies. The members of El Sol Brillante in the East Village had just pulled up bunches of kale. When I was leaving they asked if I wanted to take some home, I said yes, how could I resist. I also got to take home some nettles.

Wall painting of the Sleeping Bachanite: Baccanate Addormentata, 6th century A.D., Pompeian, Greco-Roman fresco preserved at the Museo Nacionale Di Napoli. image from Artship.org

Over and behind the nettles was a giant fennel bush. In fact I had seen fennel in several other gardens that day. Fennel is one of my favorite veggies, and every-time I eat it I am reminded of Promethues’ humility towards the mortals, having seen them suffering, he has sent down some fire inside the hollow stock of fennel. Zeus didn’t like that of course.

Apparently Bacchanalian wands of the god Dionysus and his followers are coming also from the giant Fennel plant (above). Interesting..

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