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7PM – 10PM


anthony titus • eric fertman • david sena • john furgason • laura napier • nichole van beek • carlos little • cy amundson • boveda • jeremy williams • rebecca haskins • antonio serna (B.C. 2010) • patricia gaeta • philippe arman • max miller • jeremiah stewart • kim reinhart • serban ionescu • kathryn lynch • erin krause • kora manheimer • brent owens

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Bank Iran is pleased to present BEDLAM, an inaugural group exhibition in the new Bank Iran space.

An old new 8000 sqft space in the West Village, Bank Iran partially opens it’s doors and concrete and lending. Bank Iran includes the studios of Kathryn Lynch, Philippe Arman and Carlos Little and artist in indefinite residence John Furgason, as well as an exhibition space. Several artists have submitted to BEDLAM: Nichole Van Beek and Kora Manheimer paint keratin,  Serban Ionescu and Jim Dreitlein devise an air raid, Eric Fertman plants a blue forest, Max Miller mixes vegetable starch with paper water, Patricia Gaeta installs a curtain wall,  Kimberly Reinhardt brings a subway car, Jeremy WillIams puts light in a box, Carlos Little makes masks with crumbs, David Sena makes Swiss cheese, Anthony Titus paints a window, Erin Krause keeps a secret, John Furgason turns the lights off,  Philippe Arman brings ice from Iceland,  Rebecca Haskins paints a sculpture garden, Laura Napier calculates MTA fair hiking boots,  Cy Amundson discovers alien fossils, Kathryn Lynch goes to the dog park, Antonio Serna makes some Pruno, Jeremiah Stewart turns the floor into the wall and Boveda play the forecast.

BEDLAM is organized by Carlos Little.  Also exhibited are new works by Little & Sena, Little & Furgason, Little & Ionescu, Little & Moore and Little & Serna.

BEDLAM will be on view by appointment November 14th,2010 through January 13th, January 8th, 2011.

I’m tapering off on the blog for a moment, got busy with school. Both teaching and attending. So less blog entries, or maybe I should turn it in to a school notebook, and cram it with discussions we have in my courses since a couple of friends asked me about the readings and goings on.  Schoologging? Schlogging? Is that what I should call it?


It happens. Just didn’t think it would happen to our benign little corner of myspace. I still don’t know why they removed our entire profile, I emailed them a couple of times and they wrote me this response:


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For a while I thought that maybe it was the post: Cowboy Swordfight Slips by Censorship. Whatever~! They could’ve just pulled that and be done with it. And I thought I was doing them a favor by actively reporting fake profiles, phishers, and other sorts of shenanigans on their site… Ha! Zero tolerance, zero love.
…So until I roll up my sleeves to work on the code, our myspace link on the right and where ever else it resides is going to be broken.

Wating for Godot in New Orlean
Waiting for Godot in New Orleans photo by Donn Young and Frank Aymami, more photos here.

A couple of nights ago we bumped into artist Paul Chan at a mini film festival of Apichatpong Weerasethakul at Anthology Film Archives.* I remember having read that he had just completed a production of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” in collaboration with the Classical Theater of Harlem. At that time I was hoping to see the play, the only problem was that it wasn’t being performed in some alternative performance space in New York City but in an empty lot in New Orleans 9th Ward.

What does it mean to bring something like a play into a devastated landscape like New Orleans in a way in such that is becomes aesthetically interesting but locally sustainable?” – Paul Chan on producing/art directing Waiting for Godot, New Orleans 2007, Creative Time documentary video by Matt Wolf

The play was completed at the end of 2007, around the time when all of NYC art world was wheeling and dealing in Miami Basel, and to my understand it was successful in a way that it revived the spirit of the community. Their patience and hope was in some way rekindled.

This experience has been the most exciting of my life,” Pierce said. “This was the best of New Orleans, the humanity of New Orleans, all kinds of people coming together as one: 9th Ward residents, people who may never have been to the 9th Ward and everyone in between. New Orleans was one, unified in spirit. And I haven’t seen or felt that in a long, long time. For me, there were times when it wasn’t a play, it was so beyond the play… And theater did this! That’s what art is all about. Art is to the individual what thoughts are to the community. —Wendell Pierce, actor interviewed in Times-Picayune, November 10, 2007

Creative Time has since them created a micro site of the project complete with documentation of the concept and events that took place and continue to operate in the community such as the Shadow Fund for the rebuilding of the community. There is also a reader to accompany the entire event, so check back, it lightly references the Susan Sontag’s wartime production of “Waiting for Godot” in Sarajevo as being part of the reader.

I’m left wondering, where to next? He’d been to Baghdad in 2003 before the war**, at the Republican Convention in 2004***, and now in New Orleans 2007. One thing is for sure, where ever he goes you can count on him to keep his feet on the ground.

Creative Time Website: Paul Chan’s Waiting for Godot in New Orleans, A play in two acts, a project in three parts.

A Broken Tree. A City. Evening. “Waiting for Godot in New Orleans” review in the New York Times by Holland Cotter. Dec. 2, 2007.

A taste of the play in NOLA from a reader:

Paul Chan is represented by Greene Naftali Gallery in New York City.

Coming up later this year the New Museum will be exhibiting “The 7 Lights. April 9 thru June 29, 2008.

Paul Chan, 5th Light, 2007
Paul Chan, 5th Light, 2007. Digital video projection, 14 min. From Greene Naftali, New York. Photo by Jean Vong.

* Also at the event was Rirkrit Tiravanija, who coincidentally will also speaking at New Museum’s Night School along with Paul Chan and others.

**NYPL’s 2006 event: Paul Chan in conversation with Kathy Kelly on nonviolence and his work with Voices in the Wilderness. (Audio recording of the event available)

***Along with the Friends of William Blake, he produced a map for the “The Peoples Guide to the Republican National Convention” in New York City 2004, that map is still available as a PDF on Activist magazine’s website.

GVSHP merchandise

Things they come and go and boy have the times a’changed! So what’s left -besides our memories- if we don’t preserve today what will prove historical in the future?

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in New York is one organization that is on the mission to preserve historical landmarks in and around the village belt of the city. We blogged about them last year when we heard that one of the last turn-of-the-century horse-and-carriage buildings slash former studio of Frank Stella was set to be demolished. It’s seems like as an organization it has been growing stronger since then. Click here to get an idea of their recent highlights in preservations. Their site is full of useful information about the past, present, and future of the village area or Manhattan (although some of the information is sometimes a little bit hard to find).

Memories and souvenirs, is one way to remember the past, this year the GVSHP has put up a few interesting items just in time for the holidays. They are also selling $25 individual/$37 Dual or family memberships to the GVSHP, which gives you (according to GVSHP membership page):

  • Regular issues of GVSHP’s newsletter, The Anthemion
  • Free 6-month subscription to The Villager newspaper for you or a friend
  • Free access to GVSHP’s extensive research resources
  • Invitations to attend GVSHP’s many lectures, symposia, discussion series, and walking tours–many at a discounted rate
  • Give at the $100 level and above and you will receive a set of lovely Greenwich Village note cards
  • Give at the $500 level or above and you will receive an invitation to a special thank you event at a unique Village location

If you’re less interested in gifting membership there are also other more tangible items that you can purchase for the holiday season… More in the GVSHP merchandise page…

Radio Days / De Appel

I just discovered RadioDays, a temporary 30 day radio program held by De Appel back in April 2005. It’s archives have some interesting blast-from-the-past interviews and discussions, for example there is an interview with Anton Vidokle of E-Flux discussing some project he was working on back then before PawnShop (see post: Art Pawnshop by Eflux) (Also for those who didn’t catch the switch, Saskia Bos was the director at De Appel but in 1995 moved to NYC to become Dean of The Cooper Union School of Art.)

Anyhow, here are a few, more at radiodays.org Enjoy:


DAY 02 – Saturday 2nd – 17:50
Interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist
20 minutes


Interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist
A renowned interviewer himself, curator for ARC / Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and co-curator of the 1st Moscow biennial, Hans Ulrich Obrist is asked about the medium specificity of radio in contemporary art. (Recorded in Moscow 30.01.05)
20 minutes


DAY 03 – Saturday 3nd – 18:30
Live Interview with Anton Vidokle
40 minutes


Sunday 3rd – 18:30
Live Interview with Anton Vidokle
Anton Vidokle is a Moscow-born, New York based artist. His work has been exhibited in international shows such as the Venice Biennale, Dakar Biennale, Lodz Biennale, and at the Tate Modern, London; Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana; Musee d’art Modern de la Ville de Paris; Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City; UCLA Hammer, LA; ICA, Boston; Haus Der Kunst, Munich; P.S.1, New York; amongst others. Together with Julieta Aranda, Vidokle put together e-flux video rental, which started in New York last fall and is currently travelling to Kunst-Werke, Berlin, as well as other venues. This summer, Vidokle will be working in residence and presenting a solo exhibition at ArtPace, San Antonio. As the founding director of e-flux, Anton Vidokle produced and published online projects and print publications such as Next Documenta Should Be Curated By An Artist, Do it, Utopia Station poster project, and others including an upcoming project and an exhibition entitled An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life, co-curated with Lauri Firstenberg and based on the photo archive of David Alfaro Siqueiros.
40 minutes


DAY 24 – Thursday 28th – 16:00
Saskia Bos, Your Host (Live)
60 minutes


Your Host (Live)
Saskia Bos
Director of Stichting De Appel, Saskia Bos, will host Radiodays with an hour of perspectives on contemporary art and 10 years of De Appel CTP (De Appel Curatorial Training Program). She will talk to Steve Mc Queen, Marina Abramovic and Henrik Plenge Jacobsson.
60 minutes


UPDATE 12/06/07: Radiodays.org is back up! -editors

UPDATE 12/04/07: That’s funny, for some reason the Radiodays site just went OFFLINE. What a shame. I’ll let you know when the site goes back online. Perhaps I’ll email De Appel to see what the problem is. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hadn’t even finished listening to the Saskia Bos interview myself. -editors

We’ve added two events to top off the month Meme: Romanticism and Unclassifiable (< -- starts TONIGHT!). Both are film/video and both are FREE. Enjoy.

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Wednesdays thru Saturdays until March 31st:
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The Possible Ties Between Illness and Success, Carlo Zanni

Meme: Romanticism
5 Artist’s Films at EFA Gallery
Organized by Michele Thursz

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Gallery (EFA Gallery)
323 W 39th Street, 2nd FL
New York, New York, US


12:00 pm Winchester Trilogy by Jeremy Blake
01:00 pm Mantis City by Tobias Bernstrup
01:30 pm This Delicate Monster by Michelle Handelman
01:40 pm Folly & Error by Michelle Handelman
01:50 pm The Possible Ties Between Illness and Success, Carlo Zanni

(repeat + Sugar*)
02:00 pm Winchester Trilogy by Jeremy Blake
03:00 pm Mantis City by Tobias Bernstrup
03:00 pm This Delicate Monster by Michelle Handelman
03:30 pm Folly & Error by Michelle Handelman
03:45 pm The Possible Ties Between Illness and Success, Carlo Zanni

*04:00 pm – 06:00 pm Sugar by Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley, Samara Golden

I’ll be surprised if I see a better exhibition this year. Though not all the work in this show is Web-based – some works are purely video, others are photographic stills – the pieces share technological aesthetics that together represent a new school of contemporary filmmakers and artists whose art parallels the age of Romanticism. Similarly defined by a reaction to the trumpeting of reason — often by simply working against the objective and disinterested biases of technology — Meme: Romanticism not only stresses emotion as the source of aesthetic experience, but defines this experience as paradoxically continuous, contagious and fleeting. – Meme of The Crop (excerpt), Paddy Johnson Art Fag City for The Reeler, March 12, 2007.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
Tuesday -Thursday, March 20, 21, 22:
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LMCC Unclassifiable

Curators: Jenny Yurshansky and Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen

March 20 – 22, 2007 | 7PM < -- STARTS TONIGHT!!!

LMCC Project Space
15 Nassau St. (Google Maps Locator)
New York, NY


Three nights of the “Unclassifiable” videos. Each night has a different theme, crossing over the boundaries that define art, cinema, documentary, and pop culture… Pick a night or attend all three, all are free.

More info on LMCC

March 20 | 7PM
Indie flick or art flick? If the Hollywood machine is out of the equation and they both follow the short film format, then what is the distinction? Videos by Candice Breitz [ZAF], Jesper Just [DK], Anu Pennanen [FIN], Eric Schmidt [DEU], Jorunn Mykelbust Syversen [NO], Salla Tykkä [FIN], Florian Wüst [DEU].

March 21 | 7PM
They slide, they veer, and they are more than a mocumentary. This twist on the documentary will give you the how and what but will leave you pondering the why. Videos by Erik Bünger [SWE], Miriam Bäckström [SWE], Johan Grimonprez [BEL], Henrik Lund Jørgensen [SWE/DK], Jenny Perlin [USA], Khaled Ramadan [DK], Jeffrey Vallance [USA].

March 22 | 7PM
Rehashing, remixing, redefining…an anti-commodification of pop-culture. Desaturate and become more than just a boob in front of the tube. Videos by Johanna Billing [SWE], Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta Kalleinen [FIN], Liisa Lounila [FIN], Rä di Martino [ITA], Tova Mozard [SWE], Adrian Piper [USA], Eddo Stern [ISR], Stina Wirfelt [SWE].