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Fake Apple Store in China?

A recent article on wired.com notes that fake Apple stores are popping up in China. The whole enchilada: products, colors, interior design, etc. The article also mentions that even the workers think they are working for Apple. Guess what, the CHINESE are working for Apple! Apple has factories in China! (You would expect a lower priced computer given the labor cost are kept so low. Nope.)

What is an all American product this day and age? Can Apple be considered an “American” product when it is made in China? Let’s just say that it’s a co-production: Chinese workers + Apple designers.

I think the only tech product we don’t outsource is our military weapons. The High-Tech Top-Secret stuff. But even then I suspect we bend a few rules here and there if we see a good contract -that’s what capitalism is about, isn’t it?

Chinatown Panopticon, April 5, 2010

Where did all the counterfeit Gucci sellers go? Where ever the panoticon can’t see, that’s where. Down the alleys and back behind the main streets. Passing by Chinatown NYC a couple of months back I saw this mobile observance tower, it’s hard to tell if anyone is really in there with the dark windows. It works magic in the area but doesn’t really stop the counterfeit dealers and buyers. I still see them doing business all the time to either Europeans on a tight American vacation or Americans  from outside of New York looking to look good on the cheap. It’s the cult of vision that has common folks like us breaking the law. What’s wrong with a little corporate image blood letting anyhow? The only thing they are losing is the control over who wears their brand.

Two Last Minute Events tonight…

TONIGHT 6-8pm, the last night to catch the Otto DIX show for FREE at the Neue Galerie, as part of First Fridays Free (normally $15/$10 students)… Otherwise it’s an amazing show of drawings, paintings, etching, by this prolific German artist caught between 2 world wars…

Neue Galerie : Otto Dix
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I picked up a couple of books to donate tonight to the people at Books Through Bars. I rummaged through a couple of dollar bins at Strand for these… After doing a quick search for book reviews on these titles it turns out that these are decent selections, I actually wanted to keep a couple of these for myself and had to reason myself out of it. I’ve access to so much literature via the New York Public Library System that is shouldn’t hold back from donating anything I come across.

Books through Bars is an organization that helps to fill prisoner request for books. There are splinters of this core idea throughout the US. I actually thought they were connected to the Books Through Bars branch in Philadelphia… But it turns out the Books Through Bars organization here in New York is only related through concept and nothing else. I meet some of the people from the NY group, some of who were also connected with the Prisoner Reading Encouragement Program and I plan to eventually learn more into how they function.

In case anyone is thinking about donating to a local books for prisoners program, it’s good to know what is on top of the request list. Photos of my used book selections that I felt met most of the requirements are beneath this list:

* African-American history, especially 20th century
* Native American history
* Latin American history
* Radical politics
* Social sciences and psychology
* Dictionaries, thesauruses, and Spanish-English dictionaries
* Learning world languages
* How-to (drawing, chess, sign language…)
* Mayan and Aztec history
* Memoirs and fiction by people of color
* Mythology
* Poetry anthologies

Red Power: The American Indian’ Fight for Freedom by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. Published by McGraw-Hill Paperback. This is an earlier addition published in 1971. There is a newer expanded addition.