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…valid only in Cyberspace. In our email box this morning, we received an email from Ensign Games advertising their DreamStripper video game. Much like The Movies game we blogged about last month, Dreamstipper allows you to control the scene. You decide how she dances, what she wears, and the music she dances to. Beside just man-handling your dancer, Dreamstripper has a strategic game mode that allows your doll to make money via your hot choreography. With the money she makes she can buy more exotic moves, costume changes, and lighting effects. What about an option to put the money towards her grad school tuition?!

More DreamStripper screenshots and a demo video (rated R and PG)..

Breaking and Entering

Quick – 2 MORE last minute art events tonight in New York City, Friday Dec 9th, an art opening and a performance event.

>> 1st if your headed towards Chelsea tonight, the exhibition Breaking and Entering: Art and the Video Game is opening at PaceWildenstein. The show will contain installations and work by already legendary hackstars Cory Arcangel, Brody Condon, Jon Haddock, JODI, Paper Rad, RSG and Eddo Stern. TONIGH 7-10PM!! more info below..

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Sony PSP graffiti

Sony’s guerilla marketing campaign for the new PSP backfires in marketing sensitive cities like San Francisco. (read more + pictures : Wired article: Sony Draws Ire With PSP Graffiti By Ryan Singel) I also read in the Wired article that the anti-Sony sentiment might also be stemming from the invisible virus-prone software that Sony has been busted for planting on peoples’ computers who bought thier copy protected cds. (MSNBC: Viruses exploit Sony CD anti-piracy scheme)

The Movies by Lions Head Studios

For all you wanna be filmmakers out there, there’s no longer the excuse of not having the money to make your own film. Lionhead Studios has release The Movies, a video games that gives you the tools to direct your own fims:

The Lionhead tool, “The Movies,” positions the player as a Hollywood studio owner. In addition to the business management aspect of the game, players can shoot their own movies–designing costumes, choosing sets, adding subtitles, and dubbing audio. The finished product can be uploaded to a community site run by Lionhead, sent to friends, or posted online.”
Media Post

Basically The Movies, this game for creating no-budget film on your computer, is attempting to do what Apple’s Garageband has done for musicians. Though the idea for creating movies from video games and video game engines, know as Machinema (ma-chee-ne-ma, wiki: machinema), isn’t a new thing. People like George Lucas have used game engines to simulate scenes for Star Wars, and I’m willing to be the Fifty Cents‘ video My Buddy was also shot using Machinema techniques. Check out the video for 50 cent’s My Buddy (21mb.) The sound is a little bit low so crank it up.)

Now if we can find someone who is willing to sift through all the Machinema films on The Movie Community site, maybe we can currate a screening and publish an article about it on petitemort? Any takers?

Here are some from the website:

Gorrilla's i've Mist by corinthian

Gorrillas I’ve Mist by Corinithian.
Story of a Scientist and his admiration for one of his experimental subjects.

Capre Diem by by Strondor

Capre Diem by Strondor.
Supernatural Chiller about a man who has the luxury of browsing the Library of Souls. “Life should be sherished, not browsed like a magazine.”

Confessions of a Supreme Being by by Strondor

Confessions of a Supreme Being by Strondor.
It is what it is, confessions of a supreme being. Hey, isn’t this the same actor from Star Wars?

(read about The Movie from: we-make-money-not-art
who read it on Mit Adv Lab, who got it from…. it’s endless.