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Cambodia 1974, Dith Pran. Dith Pran/NYTimes.com
Cambodia, 1974, photo by Dith Pran. Dith Pran/New York Times.

If you haven’t see the film “The Killing Fields” since it came out in the eighties, perhaps now would be an appropriate time. Dith Pran, the photojournalist and war prisoner who’s story is told by the film has passed away March 31st from cancer just as the Cambodian War Crime Tribunal gears up for a heart wrenching search for truth and justice. 5 top war criminals are being tried in the Khmer Rouge “Year Zero” genocide were an estimated 1.7 million people were killed.

After watching the DVD with bonus material I learned about the rather ironic death of Haing S. Ngor, the actor who played Dith Pran in “The Killing Fields”. Haing S. Ngor, who was a prisoner of war himself and found it difficult to reenact some of the scenes, eventually made a new life for himself in the US but in 1996 was shot to death in an attempted robbery. He escaped the grasp of the Khamer Rouge only to die in a country who still believes that we should be allowed to bear arms.

Sydney H. Schanberg, his partner is still alive.

New York Times article has many more photos of and by Dith Pran and a very recent interview at his bedside. “Dith Pran, Photojournalist and Survivor of the Killing Fields, Dies at 65″ by Douglas Martin, March 21, 2008

Dith Pran NYTimes article.

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Upsetting fact of living in the U.S.A.: If you attend a college in Utah you can now carry a concealed weapon, with the proper license of course. In 2006 Utah Supreme court allowed guns on college campuses. The opinion is guns in the hands of law abiding citizens can save lives. The CNN report Right to Bear Arms on Campus?

Laguna de San Gabriel, photo by Eloy Zarate and Benjamin Dominguez family
Laguna de San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, May 16, 1965 opening day, by Eloy Zarate and Benjamin Dominguez family as appeared in this NPR article.

After reading and listening to a few accounts of new Hamas-made hole-in-the-wall that separates Gaza and Egypt, I couldn’t help but notice the many flexible uses of concrete in the area, depending on which story you read in the New York Times…

Here Steven Erlinger reports the brighter more optimistic uses…

Muhammad Mowab, 22, a student and barber, bought a cartload of cement for $5.40 a bag, compared with $81 now in Gaza, where Israel has banned importing cement except for specific humanitarian projects. “I’ve been waiting a year to get married, so I can build a house,” he said, then laughed. “Now there are no more excuses.” – “Palestinians Topple Gaza Wall and Cross to Egypt”, By Steven Erlanger, New York Times, January 24, 2008

Next day, he sites the mournful uses…

And many Gazans simply wanted to buy fresh milk and feta cheese and fill canisters with diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oil and cooking oil. Some bought the cement needed to make concrete for sealing the graves of their loved ones, which they have had to try to protect with paving stones, metal and boards. “More Business Than Pleasure for Hurried Palestinians”, By Steven Erlanger, New York Times, January 25, 2008.

Later that same day, he sites the criminal uses for cement, this view not his own or from an interviewee, but a statement from Israel.

Hamas gunmen could be seen quietly taking delivery of hundreds of bags of cement. Israel has sharply restricted cement imports to Gaza, even for aid projects, because it says Hamas diverts the supply to build fortified tunnels and emplacements for use against any major Israeli military action. -“Tens of Thousands More From Gaza Enter Egypt Seeking Consumer Goods”, By Steven Erlanger, New York Times, January 25, 2008.

I began to wonder if Steven Erlanger was the only guy reporting from the Gaza?? A couple of days later, on January 28th, I heard a radio report on the BBC that was similar to his Steven Erlanger’s first report, it had an interview with a Palestinian, in the interview the Palestinian was excited about purchasing cement from Egypt to repair his home, again stating that it might attract a wife. (I couldn’t find the link to the story because the BBC’s website has the WORST search capabilities, but if you heard it too, email us the link)

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Image above, a more innocent use of concrete at the Laguna de San Gabriel cement playground in California, circa 1960. Even here, American’s have found a danger to this use…(read rest of that report on NPR “Residents Unite to Save Concrete Animal Park” by Jennifer Sharpe)

Martin Ramize and Tarmo Pasto at DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn. Martin Ramirez (right) holding up one of his large drawings with art and psychology professor Tarmo Pasto (left) at DeWitt State Hospital.

NYTimes just reported the finding of some 140 new works by Mexican outsider artist Martin Ramirez who’s work previously numbered at around 300. The works were discovered by the daughter-in-law of one Martin Ramirez’s doctors, Dr. Dunievitz. The article mentions that not one of Martin’s surviving family, some in California others in Mexico, have ever received any money from the sale of his work that has recently fetched over $100,000USD at recent auctions. The new dealer of this new find, Frank Maresca of Ricco/Maresca, and Peggy Dunievitz are just now thinking of possibly setting up a “education and art foundation” instead of giving some of his art work or money directly to the family. Mrs. Dunievitz is quoted saying about the family:
“There are more than 50 of them [family members],” [...] “How do you slice a pie that thin?”

But Mrs. Dunievitz’s son seemed to know what even a thin slice might be able to afford them: “We might be able to buy a house,” [...] “which would be nice.”

While another side of him still felt sad for his family:
“The family doesn’t even have one piece of his art, and that kills me,”

The American Folk Museum just recently had an exhibition of 97 works by Martin Ramirez this past summer. The exhibition is now at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until January 13, 2008.

Trove of Unknown Work Expands Outsider’s Legacy
By Randy Kennedy in New York Times

Published: October 29, 2007

Wikipedia: Martin Ramirez

—> Last minute picks!!
We’ve added 4 October events to our picks, 2 events THIS WEEKEND in New York (Friday/Saturday) and 2 more on October 25th & 26th in Paris and New York respectively… ALSO At the end of the email we added “Curious Notes”, a brief list of events that we’re curious about but haven’t scoped out.

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Dance Dance Library Revolution!
A Book Drive / Librarian Dance Party
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The Desk Set / Books Through Bars

No joke, the people at The Desk Set* have teamed up with Books Though Bars to collect books for prisoners as part of their “Dance Dance Library Revolution!” party. They’re specifically looking for paperback dictionaries and thesauruses*, so bring one in and get a free drink @ Enids in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY. 10pm til 4am!

[*Books Though Bars does accept other books like African American, Latin American, Native American, and Mayan or Aztec History books, check their website below for more details. **About the Desk Set.." an informal group of librarians, archivists, library science students, and other individuals who love books"- from About Me, myspace.com/thedeskset]

Dance Dance Library Revolution – Dance party/book drive
FRIDAY, October 5 / 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
@ Enid’s
560 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY
G train to Nassau or L train to Bedford
(at the corner of Driggs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Books Through Bars


The Desks Set (myspace page)


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David Byrne Presents: How New Yorkers Ride Bikes
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David Byrne: how New Yorkers Ride Bikes

As part of The New Yorker Festival David Byrne of the Talking Heads will host a “eclectic evening of music, discussion, film, readings, and surprises dedicated to the advancement of bicycling in New York City” Guest include Paul Steely White, Jan Gehl, Yves Béhar, Department of Transportation & the Department of Health, Buck Henry and Calvin Trillin, Classic Riders Bicycle Club, Young@Heart Chorus & a professional lock picker…

Saturday, October 6th, 7:30 p.m.
David Byrne Presents: How New Yorkers Ride Bikes
Town Hall ($16)
123 West 43rd Street


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Thursday October 26 – PARIS
Projection: Robert Breer
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Robert Breer

Palais De Tokyo
presents Ugo Rondinone selection of films by American experimental animation master, Robert Breer.

Oct 26, @ 7:30 PM – PARIS
Palais De Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson à PARIS
Métro Iéna / Bus 32, 42, 63, 72, 80, 82, 92 / RER C, Pont de l’Alma


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Friday October 26 – NYC
Halloween Critical Mass Bike Ride & After party
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Critical Mass New York October 2003

Surfing bike sites I came across Time’s Up’s website, the local promoter of Critical Mass. Critical Masses are city wide bike rides that meet once a month in cities around the world. In New York City they meet at 7pm, Union Square North every last Friday of the month, but this month is a little special, it’s a Halloween ride + a dance party afterwards! Wear your creepy costume and come ride! (vision impairing masks not recommended) Remember as their website state: “we [bicyclist] aren’t blocking traffic, We *are* traffic.” — Also For a list of Critical Mass events in your city, check Mike Bluejay’s Critical Mass Directory website, listing locations from Japan to Mexico.

Critical Mass Halloween Bike Ride (w/after party to follow)
Friday October 26
7pm, Union Square North

Halloween Dance Party Benefit
Friday, October 26th, 2007
Time: 8pm till late @ Time’s Up!
49 E. Houston St, bt Mott and Mulberry, NYC
sliding scale $10-$100

Times Up’s Ciritcal mass page:


Michael Bluejays Critical Mass Global info:


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A Curious Notes….
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Over The Opening – October 12th
On the second Friday of each month, from 8PM to 11PM, the artist
collective MTAA convert their N6th St. Brooklyn studio into a venue for
the presentation of time-based art. This month Michael Sarff.


Petitemort interview with MTAA


Nightmares in Red, Yellow, and Blue
Drawings, painting, and sculpture from Amsterdam’s three musketeers,
Dylan Graham, Fendry Ekel, Folkert de Jong.
Exhibition Dates: October 7 – November 25, 2007
Museum Dhondt Dhaenens


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That’s all… for now!
Editors @ petite Mort


A couple of events that are on our radar for the end of this month and in October through Dec, This time we’ve group events by category…

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NY Art Book Fair by Printed Matter

First off is the return of Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair THIS FRIDAY thru SUNDAY! This year there will be over 120 international publishers as well as various events… book signings by Meredith Minter, Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake, Dexter Sinister will be launching “Appendix Appendix”, Kasia Korczak & Payam Sharifi will be signing “10th Century Road Maps and 21st Century Disaster”, a surprise performance presented by Performa, as well as the booths of Butt Magazine/Jop van Bennekom, LTTR, The Journal, Dot & Quotes/Red 76, This year there will also be a couple of film/video screenings, an installation by Lawrence Weiner, and an exhibition of over 150 books by Martin Kippenberger entitled “Refocus, Re-title, Release: the Books of Martin Kippenberger”. On the closing day Lovely Daze will be hosting performances by Bec Stupak and Crystal Understanding. Lots’ to do there & it’s all FREE, so check the website for more details..


Sept 28-30
Frid Sat 11-7 Sunday 11-5pm


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Code Unknown  by Michael Haneke

Also next week, starting October 3rd there will be a comprehensive presentation of Michael Haneke’s films & television productions at the MoMa. As a bonus Haneke will be present to introduce the screenings of Code Unknown (October 13) and Funny Games (October 15). Some of our favorite films are the ones that draw a parallel between the intimate domestic dysfunctional little world with larger human catastrophes, like Caché, Code Unknown, Benny’s Video. If you haven’t seen the original version of Funny Games (1997) in a big screen here’s your chance.

Michael Haneke’s Film/Video retrospective
at the MoMA (NYC)

October 3–15, 2007

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Paul Noble 2008

Paul Noble has some new drawings and sculptures up at Gagosian gallery in Chelsea. Meanwhile Darren Bader has curated Wu-Tang Googolplex, an exhibit that is literally plastered on top of the past Patrick McMullan show at GBE@Passerby, more info on the project website newyorkisdead.biz Also Paul Chan will be one of the many distinguished artist and writers at BAMCafe’s 3 part discussion series “Between the Lines: Emerging Voices in American Literature and Film”. “Between the Lines” will be pairing reading w/ screening from people who are “reshaping the creative conscience of the United States.”

Between the Line at BAM
October 10 -John Wray, Wells Tower, Meehan Crist,Brent Green, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Mac Premo
November 14-Peter Orner, Samantha Hunt, Andrew Neel and Elizabeth Neel, Paul Chan
December 6 – Ander Monson, Diana George, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, A.L. Steiner and robbinschilds, Stephen G. Rhodes.

dot to dot, new work by Paul Noble
Sept 20 – Oct 27
Gagosian Gallery
555 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Wu-Tang / Googolplex Show (Congress)
Sept 26 -Oct 13th / Wed. – Sat. 1-7pm
436 west 15th Street, NYC, NY

Between The Lines @ BAM
3 part series.. Oct 10, Nov 14, and Dec 6
Brooklyn Academy of Music w/ A Public Space

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -

Animal Collective by Adriano Fagundes

Finally, we’ll end this email on a music note. The Lights, Lichens and Matteah Baim, are playing at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn (a Todd P event) this Friday Sept 28th, Animal Collective w/ Tickley Feather will be at Webster Hall this Sunday Sept 30. If that show is sold out they will also be playing Monday but with Vampire weekend instead of Tickley Feather :(

Lights / Matteah Baim / Lichens
Friday, September 28th 8pm – All Ages
At The Silent Barn
915 Wyckoff Ave
Silent Barn on myspace
Todd P show info

Animal Collective w/ Tickley Feather
at Webster Hall NYC
Sept 30th Sunday
Animal Collective on Myspace
Tickley Feather on Myspace

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That’s all folks, we’ll keep you posted if any new events pop up!!

Oh, one last thing I forgot to mention, Vice completed their documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad, but we’ll have to sit tight before it premiers at theaters as I can’t seem to find it on youtube anymore :( . Check back to their website for more info on Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

Editors @ petite Mort


AK-47 Turns 60, by New York Times

A rather odd video report on New York Times today highlighting the AK-47 machine gun as it turns 60 today. In the video, at what appears to be a celebratory conference honoring the AK-47, the Defence Attache to Zimbabwe and Vietnam are giving speeches that pay tribute to the gun in which they “see Freedom.” Makes sense in a very barbaric and twisted way. Being near guns just makes my hairs stand on end, having had unfriendly encounters with handguns I can’t imagine anyone wanting to celebrate it’s birth.
Also in the clip is Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47, recounting how in every village in Mozambique there are atleast a dozen children named Kalashnikov. It makes him proud as long as he doesn’t have to pay alimony, he says. Funny guy.

The AK-47 at 60
Russia’s Trademark Gun
July 15, 2007, NYTimes.com

Painting By Iraqi artist Yesser, commentary by artist Paul Chan.

I bought this painting in a decrepit stairway just outside what is now know as the ‘green zone’ in Baghdad. I find dreamy women (and men) incredibly attractive. Yasser, the painter agreed. He also assured me that the man on the upper left corner was not Lenin. I bought it anyway.

There were many painters in Baghdad. Most painted pastorals. Others, portraits, like this one. But every once in a while, you’d see something escape, and think of Paul Klee, or Amy Sillman, or Lee Godie.

I don’t know where the painters get their paints now. They used to smuggle them in from Syria and Jordan. I don’t know where Yesser is either. Fuck.

Roughly two months before the American invasion of Iraq in March 20, 2003, artist Paul Chan went to Baghdad as a member of the Iraq peace team called Voices in the Wilderness. Since 1996, Voices in the Wilderness‘s mission is to ‘campaigned to end economic and military warfare against the Iraqi people.’ This commentary from Paul Chan is from the section Replay, the last page in Flash Art Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No.241. March-April, 2005.