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Ilya Zhitomirskiy by Karinavan Schaardenburg/Flickr

Correct me if I am wrong, but when a project is proposed to the Open Source community, people in the community should work positively to improve the project. Why then when the hyped Facebook rival Diaspora releases it’s source the community turns hateful and vicious? Then suddenly Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the 22-year-old co-founder of Diaspora commits suicide. Who are these haters, trolls? Are they hired corporate thugs or just idiots who don’t know what contributing to the open source community might mean? Maybe I’m naive, I don’t work in the “official” open source community, but I stand behind any initiative that is open, collaborative and that benefits the public.

Read the Gawker article:
Why Did This 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Commit Suicide? by Adrian Chen

Testing out this WP iPhone app. Got to dust off this blog now that I’m done with grad school…

The Way Things Go by Fischi and Weiss

The Way Things Go by Fischi and Weiss

The previous post wasn’t for nothing, I wanted to point out that in thinking about function as a factor in determining the differences between art and design, I would reconsider the charges presented in the Fischli and Weiss vs Honda (Copyright Dispute), where The artist Fischi and Weiss claimed that Honda stole their art film, The Way Things Go (Der Lauf der Dinge), to make this Honda car ad. Honestly, I would say that the film and the Ad are totally different, primarily for the fact that in the Fischi and Weiss film, all the chain reactions, in the end, have no function, that is there is no final purpose to the way things go (art); while in the VW Ad the chain reactions have a function contributing to the building of a VW (design). This clarity of function is probably the reason why the urinal designer didn’t sue Marcel Duchamp.

Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, 1917

Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, 1917

In the end Honda did admit to stealing the tire sequence, but is that enough?  Can Fischli and Weiss copyright a chain reaction involving a tire? Have Fischli and Weiss ever seen Rube Goldberg’s work? I bet if you look long enough you can probably find a similarity or two. I guess they could argue they’ve never seen his work before.

The Hema's website version of the Way Things Go

The Hema's website version of the Way Things Go

Finally, take a look at this cause and effect website sequence by the Dutch department store Hema before it’s take down. There’s more video examples out there just do a search. (HEMA site read from provocat blog post “The Rube Goldberg Effect”)

In the last days of my trip to Berkeley California I realized that I hadn’t planned some sort of pilgrimage through Silicon Valley. Honestly, my geographic knowledge of the West Coast is close to nil. Assuming the Bay area was too expansive to cover in a 6 day trip, I didn’t think about the possibility to drive in search of the monoliths of the computer industry in the area. It was only after a day trip to San Jose, after a 2 hour tour of the Winchester Mansion, that we made the wrong turn off of the main highway and had to do a U-Turn at the entrance of eBay that I realized how snugly fit all the cities of the Bay Area really were. But by then it was too late. At that point, The only thing I could do was look through the area map and only imagine where in Cupertino Apple Computers might be, or Google’s Mountain View camp. I could almost imagine how the majority of headquarters of these famous sites might look with their low-rise expansion of buildings scattered across lush green grounds, maybe a small knoll with the companies logo modestly displayed. I’d be back someday, and maybe it was too soon to start making these type of recent-history pilgrimages, I thought to console myself.

Perhaps the least conventional of them all might have been the headquarters of Craigslist, which I had seen on television before. Craigslist is housed in a modest 4 story San Francisco style house in the Sunset District. What attracted me to Craigslist was what I had been hearing about Craig Newmark, the listings’ founder. It was known that unlike the other pirates of the Silicon Valley, Craig was not out to conquer the world, but more simply to put the idea of neighborhood into the internet-where people help one another for the benefit of all – contrary to current money making schemes. Furthermore, I read in wikipeadia that unlike most companies out there Craigslist had no plans to maximize profits – making it a very peculiar for-profit company and perhaps one of the more humble of all vestiges on the web today.

There is more trivia on the wikipedia entry for Craigslist if you care to learn more. The section “Significant events for Craiglist” highlight some interesting facts such as their eBay auction bid that won them the rights to beam 2 million classified ads into outer space. Craig’s comment was, “We believe there could be an infinite market opportunity”.

Another interesting thing I discovered on Craigslist.org was their “Best of” list compiled by readers… These are a few from Craigslist’s Best of …New York City. Reading them now is starting to make me home sick

20 Apr 2008 – who put the dead bird in my mailbox? – w4m


17 Apr 2008 – Ibanker seeking romance

12 Mar 2008 – Silda Spitzer, I will totally do you. – m4w

27 Feb 2008 – OK . . . I give up . . . just fuck me like a whore

07 Feb 2008 – Fingered on the RED line – Columbia University – w4m

25 Jan 2008 – Dear Star Wars ex-boyfriend, my vag is sore

10 Jan 2008 – Replying to w4m casual encounters ads? A little feedback ..

26 Dec 2007 – No, really – someone come get this horrible Chili Beer

18 Dec 2007 – fancy being lavished during the holidays?

02 Dec 2007 – To the person who broke into my car last night

26 Nov 2007 – Wanted: Heart Surgeon for 1/2 Day Gig – No Pay

21 Nov 2007 – Help me keep the shell people alive.

11 Nov 2007 – Why Must You Bother the Nice Women?

23 Oct 2007 – We met for a drink and you caught me making out with a man – m4w

11 Oct 2007 – To the gentleman who called me a depreciating asset

14 Aug 2007 – Diola lle, lovers of Middle Earth – w4m

It happens. Just didn’t think it would happen to our benign little corner of myspace. I still don’t know why they removed our entire profile, I emailed them a couple of times and they wrote me this response:


We do not keep records of removed profiles or images. If it was removed by Myspace, it was because of a violation of our terms and conditions – which can include a number of issue (inappropriate images, spam, cyber bullying, underage use, etc). Please review our terms for further assistance:


Please note that once an account has been deleted, there is no way to re-activate the account or retrieve any of the information.

If this does not answer your question, please click:


Thank you,

For a while I thought that maybe it was the post: Cowboy Swordfight Slips by Censorship. Whatever~! They could’ve just pulled that and be done with it. And I thought I was doing them a favor by actively reporting fake profiles, phishers, and other sorts of shenanigans on their site… Ha! Zero tolerance, zero love.
…So until I roll up my sleeves to work on the code, our myspace link on the right and where ever else it resides is going to be broken.

E-Flux PawnShop

Bills piling up? Short on studio rent? Stop by E-Flux’s Pawn Shop if you said yes to either question. E-Flux, the international art email list has opened up shop, a *Pawn* Shop to be exact. It began in November and is running until the end of December, the store front at 53 Ludlow Street has been transformed into an art pawn shop. A unique experiment for those who are interested in a new perspective on venues for art or for those who are really hard up for cash. Anyone can pawn their art work at the Pawn Shop, just bring your work in an have it evaluated. A hint on how to successfully pawn your work is by making sure whatever you bring in can be sold for at least $99.99. Because if they accept your work they’ll give you a flat $99.99 loan. The loan is  good for a month, at that point you can either repay the $99.99 with interest and reclaim you work, or if you default within this time period you work will be sold for a minimum of $99.99. The profits go to Doctors without Borders.

Events at the Pawn Shop:

FRI Nov. 23rd All Day – *BUY NOTHING DAY*
(as opposed to Black Friday??)

a discussion with Julieta Aranda and Liz Linden on ethical consumerism and strategies of reverse-gentrification, with surprise special guest.

More information at:
PAWNSHOP at e-flux
53 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

pawnshop@e-flux.com or call 212 619 3356.

Performa TV 07 Nov 13, 2007 Ronnie Bass Telethon w/ Jeremy Eilers, Georgia Segri

I don’t know if you’ve been catching any of the Performa 07 performances running though out the city this month, just the other day a friend and I went to a radio performance of Stuart Bailey (a.k.a. Dexter Sinister) and Ryan Gander’s Appendix Appendix (pilot show) at Home Sweet Home, it was interesting, got too loud, etc…

Anyhoo~~ if you are interested there is a live (?) performance now on Performa TV, switch it on till midnight…it’s kooky.


Other Perfroma News, Ulla Von Brandenburg has an installation, La Maison, at Saatchi and Saatchi (275 Hudson) till this friday, she is also speaking at Goethe-Institut next Monday.

Next Performa TV events:

Tue. Nov.13 » 5pm-12am » Ronnie Bass Telethon w/ Jeremy Eilers, Georgia Segri and Nic Xedro

Wed. Nov. 14 » 9pm » Paolo Javier & Tim Peterson w/ Emmy Catedral, Ernest Concepcion, and Mike Estabrook

Thur. Nov.15 » 2pm » Snöfrid appears in the mirror