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Catch NPR’s authorized bootleg of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in DC on All Songs Considered. I’m a sucker for live performances with their unexpected texture… Karen O sounds particulary raw and wrong in this case. It’s a April 4th Show at D.C.’s 9:30 Club and contains some performances of songs off their new album, Show Your Bones, which isn’t a bad album, (thanks to the producers and sound engineers at Interscope as you will notice by comparing it to this live recording), Maps was better I thought. Rolling Stone says this is their 2nd album?!? I thought this was their 4th? By the way what happen to the cat theme album? Is Karen O still working on that?

>> NPR: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Play DC

There’s this line in Kanye West’s Diamonds Are ForEver Remix featuring Jay Z

“I’m not a Businessman,
I’m A Business, man!”

…that is very similar to Rachael’s (Sean young) reply in the movie Blade Runner when Deckard (Harrison Ford) aks her whether she is in the business of making replicants:

” I’m not in the Business,
IAM the Business!”

I’m not sure why I’m bloggin this, but maybe because it’s the kind of tangential crossing-of-pop-cuture-paths that I find interesting? Enough so that I *might* want to make a piece of art out of – NOT! Either way, if it wasn’t me I bet someone else would’ave done either… BTW- I uploaded the original Blade Runner trailer and other junk to petiteMort’s myspace profile if anyone’s innerested. (yeah, that’s how netwerked we are here)

Diamonds Remix feat. Jay-Z Lyrics

Diamonds are forever…
They are… all I need to please me
They can… stimulate and tease me
They won’t leave in the night,
have no fear that they might… desert me

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By the way, for those who haven’t clicked into Sucka Pants’ link on the left under the music section, Sucka Pants runs a really dependablbly interesting podcast that always loading up a good selection of mp3s. He is always crossing genres, highlighting classics and bringing to light obscure treasures from bands in Brooklyn to bands from the opposite side of the world. Do your self a favor, stop posing with a ipod w/o this podcast subcription.

Subscribe to Sucka Pants’podcast (must have a podcastg player like itunes)

I’m hoping a good friend of mine reads this entry because he’s been having trouble choosing a new pair of glasses. I think these are for him for two reasons: he’s a big Lou Reed fan and he’s near sighted -I think. Anyhow, I found these advertised on Lou Reed’s Website, apparently Lou says that these flip-up lenses are good for people tired of taking off their glasses to read a menu or to peep through a telescope pointed into your neighbors window. Hey, that’s a market!

Lou's Views. Eye Glasses for short sighted people.

“people were all over me to get a pair BECAUSE I COULD LOOK THROUGH A TELESCOPE EASILY BY SIMPLY FLIPPING THE LENSES. ” – Lou Reed referring to the crowd at a NASA space shuttle launch he recently attended wearing a pair.

But ultimately I think my friend should get these so he can “be cool again and don’t look like your high school teacher.”- Loureed.org

So far we don’t have a category for engineering, but maybe I should add one.

Cat Power Screenshots from Inrock interview

A new interview with Chan Marshall aka Cat Power has been posted in the French indie music magazine Inrockuptiples websites. In this interview Cat Power opens up about her childhood memories and the music that she was surrounded with back then. The interview then trails into the ideas and emotions in her new album “The Greatest” out on Matador Records.

Cat Power Video Interview in Inrock.com

Roxy PainThe Studio Visit exhibition at Exit Art

The Studio Visit“, a new exhibition that just opened at Exit Art last Saturday, is a collection of 160 videos shot by artist of their own own studios. I have not seen the show yet but one artblogger (Art Fag City) has already mentioned, as I was suspecting, that it might not have been a good idea to let the artist shoot and edit their own studio visit. Either way, out of the 160, there must be something interesting to viddy. Besides, how else would you have ever been able to visit 160 studios in just a couple of hours?

A bonus if you go this Thursday January 12th because Roxy Pain (the band, NOT the artist) will be performing at 8pm. So check out the show, then stick around for the band, you can even knock a few back at the bar while your waiting.

The Studio Visit Exhibition
Exit Art
475 10th @ 37 & 38th
January 7-28, 2006*

Roxy Pain live at Exit Art
Thursday January 12th

*$5 suggested donation & For the duration of this show, the gallery will be open until 10PM Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


Caught polycasting: Exit Art is now video podcasting and broadcasting video clips of their current exhibitions. So I guess if your too lazy to get out there and check out theier shows you can always wait to download their video podcast.

P.S. Did you know there are still people out there with ipods that don’t even know that video podcasting exists!?!? I’m still in search of decent podcasts, both video and audio, post your recommendations.

Exits Art’s podcast link (clicking will attempt to launch iTunes & add thier podcast to you podcast list)
Exit Art TV this Wednesday at 10pm on MNN Channel 34.

Spanish indie-pop label Elefant announced that it is in the process of uploading it’s complete catalogue on iTunes. Elefant is one of the first Spanish labels to hop on the iTunes bus. So now you can purchase any song from yuor Spanish pop favorites like Les Mans, Corazon, La Casa Azul, Vacaciones, Ana D, etc. The only problem is that you can’t search iTunes by record label name… I wonder why?!