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Decolonization in the Americas shouldn’t just mean dismantling political control from foreign rule, real decolonization will begin when all colonizing ideologies are acknowledged and undone in the former colony. In most cases these colonizing ideologies run deep within the frame work of a society. Recently Boliva’s the Department of Decolonization has re-established the right to indigenous unions. Another step toward decolonization. This follow’s the “Rights of Mother Earth” law that Bolivia has recently passed in attempt to push back the abuse of nature, another area ingrained with colonial ideologies.

post script: I’m left thinking what could a deeper decolonization process mean for the northern parts of the Americas?

vizKult Proposition: A Line in Nature +
Urban Foraging Group v3 : Reading Group @ The Public School

As winter descends on the city and the vegetation beings to die out, it would seem like the right time to initiate a series of readings and screening on the topic of nature for the duration of the winter months, and come spring perhaps start a new season for Urban Foraging Group (season 2?)

I would like to trace the views of nature throughout time from the perspectives of art, philosophy, and social/anthropology. Each session can include screenings and trips to locations related to each grouping, and possibly invite writers or artist to address certain subjects.

Urban Foraging Group v3 : Reading Group @ The Public School

In a few minutes I will be participating in an Urban Foraging tour in Brooklyn. The tour will be given by Ava Chin and “Wild Man” Steve brill, two well know foragers in NYC area. The event grew using The Public School (NYC)

My interest in urban foraging began while working on art project on plants and plant knowledge… Ava is here…more later!

“Each level takes place in a different flower’s dream as it sits on the windowsill of a dull city apartment. As the player progresses through the game, the apartment and city gradually becomes more vibrant and colourful, until it climaxes at the 100% completion mark and the cityscape is replaced by a vibrant field with mountains in the background. The player guides a petal through brightly coloured, abstract fields by tilting the motion-sensitive controller; pressing any button on the controller gives a speed boost. The aim is to guide the petal into other flowers in the field, triggering an explosion of colour that spreads through the game world.” Wikipedia: Flower