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Since the NYC artzines haven’t followed up, below is the original manifesto left behind after the action by “9271977″. Also, here are follow-ups from Big Bend Now’s journalist John Daniel Garcia on the March 9th guerrilla action on the Prada Marfa store: March 11 http://bigbendnow.com/2014/03/9271977-makes-contact-with-sentinel-reporter/  ( March 13: http://bigbendnow.com/2014/03/guerilla-artist-stirs-it-up-with-prada-marfa-vandalism/ 

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9271977's guerrilla action at Prada Marfa

Bigger Than The Brand

March 9th 2014, 3:33AM Texas Time.

BIGS UPS Michael Elmgreen, Ingar Dragset, Art Production Fund, Ballroom Marfa and the “Art World” of 2005 for interest towards the lands of West Texas providing a temporary structure as a canvas for a much more suiting to 2014 exhibit. A true collaboration; or appropriation? Perhaps a symbol of decay? Thanks to the land donators for not posting keep out signs. Thanks to TXDOT for deeming Prada Marfa an illegal road side advertisement. This is dedicated to all art makers that inspire artwork to “get out” of the studio, and into the streets.

Spring has Sprung, One for one, Here comes the sun, Lets have some fun!

Nearly nine years since the inauguration of Prada Marfa, an investigative viewer can only assume the structure represents the reflection of a contemporary moment that catering to a society designed to respond to branding, consumption and money. Blended with narcissism and unethical hedonism, this is the society’s apocalyptic theater.

Imagine being an investigative explorer from the future stumbling upon the ruin known as Prada Marfa. Questioning the structure as a place of indigenous commerce pre-apocalypse; later becoming a place of nostalgia and shelter during a time of nomadic travel through the death and dust of a temporary Utopia resistant to reorientation, that would have sustained its future.

The irony of Prada Marfa, it’s fake. Prada Marfa has no representation of Texas and Southwest North America. Prada Marfa is a relic of a Bourgeois not so distant past; serving today’s hyper reality as a blank canvas. Out with the old, in with what’s next.

Today – hipster travelers – the Adams & Eves of now in their hybrids search for the meaning of life, discovery of the unknown and mysterious! Answers to what is art, they GPS their way through the great social check points, updating Facebook and twitter.

Prada Marfa in its past existence served its purpose; but today in 2014 – for better or worse – society has seen advancement in social connectivity, global war, entitlements, corporate austerity, poverty, destruction of nature, desensitization of life, faltering education, sickness, substance and food abuse, exploitation of indigenous nations, corrupt banking systems, gone amuck free market neocapitalism, disharmonious politics and impudent religions… just some stewing ingredients of  Earth colonization.

In the spirit of all of the above moving in is, Save-the-world-through-shoes-company known as TOMS. TOMS Marfa is under fire by the TXDOT as illegal roadside advertising. People are concerned that the life of TOMS Marfa will end. As referenced from “Save Prada Marfa” FB Page: Texas House of Representatives member Poncho Nevarez says this Art installation is vital to the tourism in the greater Big Bend Area. TOMS owner (and Texas Native) Blake Mycoskie agrees and insists TOMS Marfa is not an advertising tool, nor is it a prop to exploit the people of developing nations facing extinction.  Simultaneously in the United States, at large education systems are facing cuts, ethical fundamentals are at a loss with apparent signs of social inequality. All the while Mycoskie focuses his attention in developing nations, though not to alleviate poverty through the company’s estimated 250 million in sales for 2013, as reported by Fast Company. TOMS shoes has been under scrutiny for its business model. Referring from a 2013 article by Adriana Herrera of the New York Times, she states, “The root cause of poverty in many developing countries is a lack of access to fair-paying, sustainable employment. Imagine the positive impact TOMS could have if it were to use every decision in its supply chain to address the causes of poverty. Sebastian Fries of Toms, responded that TOMS is not in the business of poverty alleviation.”

·         TOMS are currently produced in China, Ethiopia and Argentina.

·         TOMS have been accused of favoring evangelical groups as giving partners.

·       Haiti with roughly a population of 10 million, of which 77% live in absolute poverty, equating to less than two dollars a day US. TOMS is set to open a factory there in 2015, employing only fifty people.

·         It is said TOMS should view the fair trade, bio material business model of SoleRebels.

·        Time magazine has recognized that charitable gifts from abroad can distort developing markets and undermine local businesses by creating an entirely unsustainable aid-based economy.

Nationally, TOMS has done well by promoting its brand through social media and college campus networks. Yet through the years TOMS has drawn away from its locally owned businesses giving major attention towards large corporate retail locations such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, essentially putting small community based businesses out in the cold due to volume based contracts and discrepancy based return policies that favor a much more powerful buyers. Small community based retailers are left with shoes that can’t be returned, previous year styles and limited selections. All which do nothing to support a local economy. In a disclosed interview, a local retailer confessed a story of being shipped “new” TOMS that carried the Neiman Marcus store label, when TOMS has been quite strict about their NO return policy.

Mycoskie whom lives in Los Angeles amongst the aristocrats, stars and ever so ever drought (both in water and spirit) hopes that TOMS Marfa  will bring greater inspiration to consumer Americans to give all they have to developing nations that suffer disease, starvation and corruption. It’s nearly impossible to clean up the effects of colonization; the many centuries of rape, slavery, pilferage, death, suffering, manipulation and occupation. Americans should feel guilt in their lifestyle as they are a direct product of all the past. As well Mycoskie wants all Americans and World to know the good and love in the hearts given by the people of Texas and Christian faith. Under the saving grace and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the full Globe can be brought to a new day of love and surrender. So long as you buy TOMS shoes, and endorse Christ as your savior, welcoming the “white” him into your heart. So help you God, otherwise you’re damned to hell.

This life evangelist and art activist says, quoting from a wise woman that resides in Texas. “Creativity is the salvation of mankind.” Keyword: Creativity. I couldn’t agree more. So suggestive and subjective. Through this installation, really take the time to open up and examine yourself. Examine where you came from, your ideas of community, wealth and sharing. Examine health, locality, nurturing the youth, education, intellect and both the ideas of developing and advanced nations. Examine the blueprint of life and the impact you have on that. Examine nature, become it. And think – find that love – feel… and ask yourself; how do I truly make the world a better place and provide stewardship to this Planet we call Earth? Perhaps then discovering the God in you, the Universe, Cosmo, the unraveling of time, DNA, and what brought you here to this heaven in the first place; a transformative state, the magic of life will begin.

Welcome to your APOCALYPSE?