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South America

Native Language in Colombia

What good is a language not your own? It doesn’t really speak for you, does it? In the Americas its original purpose was for efficiently managing the European colonies. Spanish continues to be the dominant foreign language in a majority of the Americas, but for how much longer? This new report from Al Jazeera shows how the Americas continue their decolonization beyond political rule. Colombia has lifted the ban on teaching indigenous languages allowing for people to tell their story in the language that developed around their culture.

Decolonization in the Americas shouldn’t just mean dismantling political control from foreign rule, real decolonization will begin when all colonizing ideologies are acknowledged and undone in the former colony. In most cases these colonizing ideologies run deep within the frame work of a society. Recently Boliva’s the Department of Decolonization has re-established the right to indigenous unions. Another step toward decolonization. This follow’s the “Rights of Mother Earth” law that Bolivia has recently passed in attempt to push back the abuse of nature, another area ingrained with colonial ideologies.

post script: I’m left thinking what could a deeper decolonization process mean for the northern parts of the Americas?