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RT News - United States resumes arms sales to Bahrain, despite human rights abusesRussiaToday reports that United States has publicly announced that it will resume to supply Bahrain with weapons, despite protest by Human Rights Groups and despite the pro-democracy protesters and citizens of Bahrain.

“Washington claims that delivering weapons to Bahrain is crucial for providing security in the region. Bahrain is situated on a strategic island in the Persian Gulf opposite Iran. For more than 60 years it has served as the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet headquarters.”

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Bahrain protests grow ahead of anniversary - Al Jazeera

Video showing clips from Dec 30th (2011) street protest in Bahrain.

Al Jazeera also had some reporting of the anniversary of the protests in February, earlier this year:

Bahrain protests grow ahead of anniversary
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A quick youtube search pull up various videos in English and Arabic: http://tiny.cc/bahrain-youtube